Alone in Berlin
Alone in Berlin(2016)

Storyline:In Berlin in the year 1940, a whole country lives in a house. The inhabitants of Jablonskistrasse 55 form a cross section of the population: a blockman lives there, a hidden Jew, an ex-judge, a denunciator, a petty criminal, a Hitler Youth, a postman - and the working couple Anna (Emma Thompson) and Otto Quangel (Brendan Gleeson). The Quangels have to cope that their only son Hans (Louis Hofmann) has fallen in the war. Otto begins to fight the dictator in his own way, his wife soon joins in: The couple writes clear messages on simple postcards, eg. For example, a call for resistance and a demand for press freedom. Commissioner Escherich (Daniel Brühl) takes up the persecution - with the Gestapo at the ready, who wants to see results quickly. Meanwhile, Otto and Anna find their mutual rebellion after alienating themselves for years ...

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