American Assassin
American Assassin(2017)

Storyline:Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) has just filed a marriage application to his girlfriend on a beach holiday, where she is killed in an attack by terrorists. Mitch, who was destroyed on the ground, wants to avenge himself on the perpetrators and goes on the advice of the CIA vice-chief Irene Kennedy (Sanaa Lathan) to the hard-hitting and notorious veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) into the order killer teaching. After an intense and brutal training, the two take their first mission, investigating a series of terrorist attacks on military and civilian targets. They quickly discover that all the assassinations are connected to each other and come across the mysterious Ghost (Taylor Kitsch), who is obviously behind it. While trying to get the terrorists to the track, Mitch quickly realizes that Ghost is always a step ahead ...

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