American Fable
American Fable(2016)

Storyline:A family is threatened with losing their farm. Father Abe (Kip Pardue) does his utmost to keep the grave situation from his daughter Gitty (Peyton kennedy). Mother Sarah (Marci Miller) is pregnant with her third child and Gitty's older brother Martin (Gavin MacIntosh) is struck by malicious outbreaks. While exploring the family farmland, Gitty - trapped in an unused silo - discovers the neglected Jonathan (Richard Schiff). He tells the girl that he is a contractor and has bought neighboring goods. Gitty realizes that her father has something to do with his kidnapping and quarrels about deciding whether to stand by her family or help Jonathan, to whom she builds a friendship. Meanwhile, Abe begins opaque business with a mysterious woman and Gitty is plagued by dreams that put her in a magical world.

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