American Honey
American Honey(2016)

Storyline:Way, just gone! The 18-year-old star (Sasha Lane) was like a mother to her two siblings, so she had to fret about their Redneck friends - and now she's fed up with it. She meets a jumbled bunch of magazine vendors, who pulls through the country, joins the colorful, party-mad troupe and the road trip starts. Star soon finds a crush among her new acquaintances: Jake (Shia LaBeouf), an extrovert guy who also feels attracted to her - but stupidly the friend of the aloof young businesswoman Krystal (Riley Keough). The conflict is inevitable and the situation does not get better as Star bothers more and more with the dishonest selling practices that Krystal is particularly uninhibited about. So the band is touring through the Midwest and Star has to ask himself how long she wants to join ...

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