Amores perros
Amores perros(2000)

Storyline:Octavio (Gael García Bernal) is a young man from the poorest backgrounds. He loves his sister-in-law (Vanessa Bauche) and wants to escape from the urban jungle and the family cramp. In order to realize this dream of living together with Susana, he lets his dog Gofi compete in bloody dog ​​fighting. Octavio is involved in a car crash involving the successful fashion model Valeria (Goya Toledo), who came to South America against her parents' will to pursue a career. She has just moved into an apartment with the magazine publisher Daniel (Álvaro Guerrero), who has finally fulfilled his promise and separated from his wife. The third main actor and eyewitness of the accident is El Chivos (Emilio Echevarría), a former Sandinist who drives his dog-litter around town, hires himself as a contract killer and longs for the day when he can physically confront his daughter.

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