Storyline:The feet of the young Félicie (voice in the original: Elle Fanning / German voice: Maria Ehrich) just do not want to stand still, because for a long time she has been dreaming of nothing but a career as a dancer. But the dream of the orphan girl is shared by hardly anyone - only the same age Victor (Dane DeHaan / Max von der Groeben), who is also ridiculed as an ambitious up-and-coming inventor, believes in Félicie. Together, they make the decision to flee the impoverished existence in the orphanage and to tower towards Paris. Once there, they are separated and Félicie is completely on her own. What she sees on the spot reinforces her desire to dance once on the stage of the Paris Opera House. Now Félicie needs help and some tricks, because a place in the renowned training center is not easy to get ...

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