Beasts of No Nation
Beasts of No Nation(2015)

Storyline:As civil war breaks out in West Africa, life for the young Agu (Abraham Attah) changes drastically one day. In a moment he played with his older brother and a few friends carefree, in the next government troops invade his village to stifle the emerging rebellion bloody in the bud. Agu is separated from his family and is now on his own. After seeking refuge in the forest, he is soon picked up by a rebel leader (Idris Elba) as charismatic as unscrupulous, who takes him under his wing and gradually trains him as a child soldier in a series of brutal lessons. Agu also gets to know the dumb Strika (Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye), with whom he not only faces the crime, but also the suffering that the war brings with it.

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