Storyline:The brothers Jo (Stef Aerts) and Frank (Tom Vermeir) could not be more different and so they have drifted apart over the years. After a long silence, they meet again when Frank visits his brother in the bar and offers to help out. Frank, to whom the orderly paths of his bourgeois life have become too boring, feels good quickly behind the counter and together they manage to turn the run-down "Café Belgica" into a trendy meeting place for all partygoers with a penchant for rock music. In the almost uninterrupted party frenzy life seems to be wonderful, the music is booming, the alcohol is pouring in torrents and everyone is in a good mood - but then the brothers are caught up in reality, which is far harder and more exhausting than any cat. The wake-up call comes when Jos's friend Marieke (Hélène De Vos) tells him that she is pregnant ...

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