Storyline:One day, when young Carter (Gabriel Bateman) meets a stray dog by accident, it's love at first sight. The four-legged friend is promptly smuggled home, where he also takes the heart of Carter's sister Frankie (Darby Camp) by storm - much to the chagrin of her mother Whitney (Kiele Sanchez). And since the children have baptized their new friend Benji, he is now also part of the family! But her furry friend can do much more than just be sweet. Because one day Carter and Frankie are kidnapped by nasty guys. Time for Benji to show what he really can do. Determined and courageous, he embarks on a daring rescue mission to free his loved ones from the clutches of the wicked. And they certainly did not expect that just a dog could make a mistake for them. Woof!

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