Between Worlds
Between Worlds(2018)

Storyline:The luckily abandoned trucker Joe (Nicolas Cage) suffers from the loss of wife and child. When he notices how a woman is strangled at a rest stop, he intervenes and gets to know Julie (Franka Potente). At first she is anything but grateful, because she was not attacked, but was in the middle of a ritual. She is said to be spiritually gifted and believes that she can find the lost soul of her daughter Billie (Penelope Mitchell) after a motorcycle accident in a coma, so that she wakes up again. Since Joe has thwarted her plans, he is now to help her in her desperate action. And they really make it together that Billie wakes up again. Joe and Julie find this together, but a happy family can not arise. Because soon Joe realizes that something is wrong with Billie: The spirit of Joe's late wife Mary is in her and he is anything but good ...

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