Storyline:Jill (Marianna Palka) is completely exhausted: her four children only cause stress to the housewife, and besides, her husband Bill (Jason Ritter) - a successful PR employee who seldom lets himself be seen at home - is also a stranger. Because of all the stress she has barely a minute to herself and even her previous intense interest in painting has evaporated over time. After a failed suicide attempt, however, a wild barking dog appears in front of the kitchen window of the family and starts strange changes at Jill: Suddenly she behaves like a dog and devastates the whole house - to the shock of Bill and the children, the Discover chaos in the evening. Bill wants to keep the matter a secret, but also has to find a way to strengthen the cohesion within the family. Together with his sister-in-law sister-in-law (Jaime King) he is looking for a solution to this bizarre situation ...

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