Storyline:It's love at first sight when Robin Cavendish (Andrew Garfield) meets Diana (Claire Foy) in England in the 1950s. Self-confidently, the young businessman, who is so overflowing with energy, takes her to court, soon the wedding bells ring and the couple expecting a child. But the luck of the couple Cavendish is short-lived, because Robin are increasingly causing health problems. He is diagnosed with polio and the disease leaves him paralyzed from the neck down and no longer able to breathe independently. At that time, this means hospitalization for those affected until their early death. But Diane does not want to settle for that and brings Robin home. Contrary to the medical advice, he masters his life from then on, with the help of one of his friend Teddy Hall (Hugh Bonneville) constructed wheelchair and Diana at his side mostly independently - and wants to make this experience possible for his former fellow patients from the clinic.

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