Bullyparade: Der Film
Bullyparade: Der Film(2017)

Storyline:A multi-episode movie in which some of the most popular characters from the skit TV show "bullyparade" return. In "Winnetou in Love", Old Shatterhand (Christian Tramitz) wants to keep his blood brother, the Indian chief Winnetou (Michael Bully Herbig), from carelessly and prematurely marrying, but this is made more difficult by having to deal with rogue bounty hunters got to. In "Menopause of an Empress", the Austrian emperor couple Franz (Tramitz) and Sissi (Herbig) visit a ghost castle in Bavaria and experience a lot of scary adventures. Captain Cork (Tramitz), Mr. Spuck (Herbig) and Schrotty (Rick Kavanian) land on the "planet of women" and have to save its exclusively female population. Jens and Jörg Kasirske (Tramitz and Kavanian) want to fulfill their 90-year-old aunt's greatest wish and therefore travel "Back to the Zone". Lutz (Herbig) and Löffler (Kavanian) try their hand in "Lutz of Wall Street" with the help of Mr. Moneymaker (Tramitz) in the New York stock exchange world.

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