Café Society
Café Society(2016)

Storyline:End of the 1930s: Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) grew up in the rugged Bronx, but feels drawn to the glittering Hollywood, to which he has family connections. His uncle Phil (Steve Carell) is a high-profile movie agent in the Dream Factory and goes out to dinner with Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper. So Bobby also has a good contact as soon as he puts his plan into action to try in the film business. His uncle does not have time for him, but with his pretty secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) Bobby prefers to spend his time anyway. He falls head over heels in love, only Vonnie is in love with another, to his regret - in Phil. Bobby soon realizes that show business is sheer madness in every way. And then he gets his New York life back, because his brother Ben (Corey Stoll) does not even shy away from murders at mafia shops ...

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