Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can(2002)

Storyline:The 1960s in the US: When his father (Christopher Walken) runs out of money and his wife (Nathalie Baye) leaves him, the young Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) faces a difficult decision: He must choose who he lives with would like to. Frank decides to leave everything behind and run away. The young man fights on his own, but his attempts to trade fake checks fail. Then coincidence comes to his aid when he realizes in front of his eyes how much respect one gets in the right clothing. Consequently, Frank fights a Pan-Am uniform, fakes IDs and cleverly acquires a necessary basic knowledge - and he is already co-pilot America's largest airline. Even though he has not even finished high school! With fake paychecks he travels the world and soon slips into a lot of other identities ...

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