Storyline:The true story of the first black clown of French circus history: Former slave Raphaël Padilla aka Kananga (Omar Sy) earns his modest livelihood in 1887 by acting as a wild cannibal in a small traveling circus, terrifying the crowd. When the clown George Footit (James Thierrée) gets the announcement from the ringmaster that he has to come up with something new, he has a brilliant idea: He founds Raphaël (whom he renames as "Chocolat") for a clown duo - footit in it, the authoritarian white clown, kicking the all-blaming black clown as a climax in the butt. The duo becomes a sensation, the audience is no longer a laughing matter - first in the traveling circus, later in the biggest variety in Paris. George and Raphael make friends, the latter falls in love with the widowed nurse Marie (Clotilde Hesme). But the more fame and money "chocolat" attains, the less he will settle for his role as a humiliated ass kicker ...

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