Storyline:The young, well-behaved Ella (as a girl: Eloise Webb, later: Lily James) loses her mother early (Hayley Atwell). Despite this tragedy, she leads a contented life with her loving father (Ben Chaplin), a wholesale merchant. When Ella and Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) take a new wife, Ella welcomes her and her daughters to the family. But when the father dies as well, the stepmother shows her true face. From now on Ella lives as a maid in her own house and is called Cinderella (= Cinderella). Variety promises a royal ball invitation, which is addressed to all unmarried ladies, because the Prince is looking for a bride. Ella wants to attend the party, but her stepmother forbids it. The future happiness of the young woman depends crucially on whether she manages to escape the clutches of Lady Tremaines and yet reach the festival ...

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