Cold Pursuit
Cold Pursuit(2019)

Storyline:In Kehoe, the snow-covered ski area of ​​the Rocky Mountains, the Minus thermometer shows 10 degrees. For the snowplow driver Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) these are the perfect conditions. He leads a modest life with his family, which changes abruptly when his son gets involved with the drug boss Viking (Tom Bateman) and is murdered shortly thereafter on Viking's orders. Nels wants revenge and sees no other way than to put on the drug cartel. It quickly becomes clear to everyone involved: The cartel has underestimated Nels, because one by one Nels falls victim to gangster after another victim. While Nels leaves a bloody path of revenge, Viking blames his former rival White Bull (Tom Jackson). From now on, two rival cartels face each other in a hard gang war, and the snow-white slopes of the mountains are soon turning red. Remake of the Norwegian film "One by one" a.k.a. "In Order Of Disappearance".

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