Dances with Wolves
Dances with Wolves(1990)

Storyline:John J. Dunbar (Kevin Costner) is a lieutenant in the Northern Army, who is supposed to be amputated after a serious war injury. Dunbar can not bear this idea and wants to kill himself. On a horse, he rides up and down in front of the enemy lines, but instead of dying, he becomes a hero: The bullets of the enemies miss him as if by a miracle. As a result, the enemies are distracted and your own men get fresh courage. At the end there is a glorious victory for the northern states. Dunbar is allowed to keep his leg and the horse that kept him safe from the enemy fire. And he has a dream come true: To get to know the Wild West: Dunbar is moved on his own request to the western outpost that exists. He finds nothing there. The post is abandoned, the troops stationed there were killed in battle with the Indians or fled. Nevertheless, Dunbar takes his place. Alone he brings the outpost back on track and enjoys the time in the wilderness. At his side are only his faithful horse and a lonely wolf who watches him from afar and comes a little bit closer each day ...

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