Demain tout commence
Demain tout commence(2016)

Storyline:Samuel (Omar Sy) lives in the South of France into the day, enjoys the single existence and avoids any obligation and responsibility. However, his sweet life is unexpectedly disturbed when his ex-Kristin (Clémence Poésy) shows up and presents his little daughter Gloria, whose existence Samuel did not know yet. When Kristin leaves the dust overnight, she leaves the baby in Samuel's care, who does not even know why he should take care of the child alone. He travels to London to find the missing mother - unsuccessful. Eight years later, Samuel lives with Gloria (Gloria Colston) in London and the two are now inseparable. Never would the former bon vivant have thought that one day he would take up a regular job and take responsibility. But now he is overjoyed to be Gloria's father. But then Kristin appears on the scene and challenges her child ...

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