Dil Dhadakne Do
Dil Dhadakne Do(2015)

Storyline:A perfect couple, perfect children, a ten-day cruise: Kamal and Neelam Mehra (Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah) want to show friends and relatives on the occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary, how intact their world is. But under the sea, not only the ice melts, but also the facade of the seemingly overjoyed family. The company of Kamal is almost bankrupt and Neelam can not stand it very well anymore. Daughter Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra) goes one step further: The businesswoman wants to break up with her husband, which the parents consider unacceptable. Kamal's and Neelam's last hopes rest on son Kabir (Ranveer Singh). He is supposed to marry a rich heir and thus save the family business from bankruptcy - but he falls in love with Farah Ali (Anushka Sharma), an entertainer on the cruise ship ...

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