Storyline:Dounia (Oulaya Amamra) lives in a suburb of Paris, where the law is in fact in the hands of the drug gang and the police only let themselves be seen when absolutely necessary. Dounia does not seem to have many perspectives: her mother Myriam (Majdouline Idrissi) is mainly interested in alcohol and her changing sex partners, and at school Dounia does not stop either: she has little enthusiasm for discipline and hypocrisy. The girl prefers to join a gang around Rebecca (Jisca Kalvanda), who as a leader has proved that women can make it to the top in the macho world as well. Soon Dounia and her best friend Maimouna (Deborah Lukumuena) earn good money with their machinations. But then the youngster gets to know the breakdancer Djigui (Kevin Mischel) and turns over with Rebecca ...

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