Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog(2016)

Storyline:The arrogant and ingenious Troy (Nicolas Cage), the wayward Mad Dog (Willem Dafoe) and Mafia-Symphatisant Diesel (Christopher Matthew Cook) are dismissed convicts who are trying to enjoy their newly gained freedom. They must not allow themselves a mistake, because a violation of the strict probation requirements would bring them immediately back into a dark cell. But the trio does not want to bow to anyone and only play by its own rules. So the past soon catches Troy, dreaming of a contemplative life, while Diesel turns away from his family and earns his money with the mafia. Meanwhile Mad Dog attracts catastrophes almost magically. The three want to commit the perfect crime. They are to kidnap the child of his opponent for a Mexican mafia boss. But the job goes wrong and a man is killed. For the ex-Knackis is clear that they never want to go back to prison, and so they have to come up with something ...

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