Storyline:The dog hairdresser Marcello (Marcello Fonte), who is called only dogman of all, lives with his daughter Alida (Alida Baldari Calabria) in the most discreet suburb of a southern Italian coastal city a modest but happy life. His neighborhood likes and accepts the meek and quiet man, which is very important to him. But his once harmonious life is saddened by the former boxer Simone (Edoardo Pesce), who tyrannizes the entire place. Marcello is initially loyal to the drug-addicted, out-of-control man and is always lenient, even though he is constantly humiliating him. But a bitter event, according to which Marcello's neighbors no longer respect him, forces the dog hairdresser to drastic measures. He forges a terrible plan to defend himself against Simone and regain his dignity ...

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