Duck Duck Goose
Duck Duck Goose(2018)

Storyline:The gander Peng (voice in the original: Jim Gaffigan / German voice: Markus Pfeiffer) is quite a showman and brings with his breakneck tricks constantly the formation flight training of his conspecifics. One day, the other geese have their bills full and just head south without peng, where the geese want to spend the winter. Peng can not fly anymore due to an injury and therefore can not follow them immediately. Rather accidentally, he becomes the lifesaver of the lousy ducklings Lissy (Zendaya / Marcia von Rebay) and Lucky (Lim Lance / Norman Endres), who follow him at every turn. First, Peng has no great desire to play the protector for the two chicks and declares himself ready only for selfish reasons, together to undertake the arduous journey to the south, which happens in a single file. But little by little Peng grows the two little ducks to heart ...

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