Eksi Elmalar
Eksi Elmalar(2016)

Storyline:Mayor Aziz Özay (Yılmaz Erdoğan) is famous for two things: his magnificent orchard and his beautiful daughters. With concern, Aziz and his wife Ayda (Devrim Yakut) watch as their young daughters Muazzez (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), Türkan (Songül Öden) and Safiye (Şükran Ovalı) are repeatedly courted by men who are often not good enough for their parents Özay to appear for their children. At the same time, Aziz knows that humans are like the apples on his trees: every human being is harsh and immature in the beginning, he needs education in order to become sweet as honey. The years go by and the Özay family matures like the apples in the garden - their story begins in the late 70s and is told until the end of the 90s, a period in which Aziz, his wife and his daughters experience both sweet and sour moments ,

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