Storyline:In 1961 at the prestigious Yale University: The famous social psychologist Stanley Milgram (Peter Sarsgaard) develops a psychological experiment in which the subjects are left in the belief that they are a friendly stranger who is tied up in a chair and in a chair located in another room, missing painful electric shocks. The result shows that the majority of people do not stop distributing electric shocks when the victim begs for mercy. The justification is frightening and simple: the subjects state that they simply followed the instructions given to them. As the trials against the Nazi Adolf Eichmann are broadcast on television and millions of viewers watch in front of the local TV, Milgrams experiment meets the nerve of the time. Does his project confirm that most people follow orders in blind obedience without questioning them? In some circles, the psychologist is celebrated for his project, some critics call him a manipulative, cheating monster. Against all hostility, Milgram's wife Sasha (Winona Ryder) defends the controversial scientist.

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