Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

Storyline:A year has passed since clown fish father Marlin (voice in the original: Albert Brooks / German voice: Christian Tramitz) has sought his missing son Nemo (Hayden Rolence) across the ocean and thereby energetically by the forgetful Doorforfisch lady Dorie ( Ellen DeGeneres / Anke Engelke) was supported. The excitement of the adventure is long gone and the three are like a small family. But when Dorie one day makes a seemingly insignificant observation, it suddenly flashes through her mind: where did her parents actually go? Small fragments of her past suddenly come back and do not leave her alone. For Dorie, it's clear: this time she has to go on the search. Together with Marlin and Nemo, she embarks on a journey full of dangers that leads her to the Marine Biology Institute in California. But is she finally reunited with her family there? Sequel to "Finding Nemo" from 2003. The sequel to the clownfish Nemo was staged again by Andrew Stanton.

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