Game Over, Man!
Game Over, Man!(2018)

Storyline:Alexxx (Adam Devine), Darren (Anders Holm) and Joel (Blake Anderson) work together in a luxurious hotel. But even though they daily have the world of glitz and glamor right under their noses and see how great life is as a wealthy person, they themselves could not be further from it. Because the trio is responsible for the cleanliness in the building and this includes the scrubbing of dirt with a toilet brush. When they are at a party, the boys are back to school. Suddenly they are torn out of their daydream, as shots fall and the nasty Conrad Drothers (Neal McDonough) takes over with his armed henchmen the hotel. For the guests, there is nothing left but to persevere. But Alexxx and his buddies do not just want to let that sit on themselves and grow in this extreme situation beyond themselves ...

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