Storyline:In 1888, Mahatma Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) completed a three-year law degree in London before earning his awards as a lawyer in Bombay and in 1893 on a trip to South Africa. He, who - quite wealthy - has a first class ticket, is thrown out of the train just because of his skin color. Here, for the first time, his sense of justice is evoked and a rethinking takes place. In addition, the viewer follows Gandhi's work in South Africa, for which he is celebrated frenetically by the international press, as well as in the humanistic as well as in political areas of India; finally, he experiences the independence of the same, at whose proclamation, here the Indian, there the Pakistani, and at Gandhi's house, before which he squats clothes spinning, no flag, at the flagpole blows. The "little brown man in a linen cloth" (commentator at the funeral), who united a whole people, ultimately fails the desired success in the small circle of his colleagues: the predominantly Hindu areas of India are united under one, the predominantly Muslim areas under the other and hand. He was just able to soothe the resulting civil-warlike conditions and thus the former peace provides the appropriate backdrop for Gandhi's demise; At the age of 79, he is shot dead in New Delhi on the street.

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