Gerald's Game
Gerald's Game(2017)

Storyline:Jessie (Carla Gugino) drives with her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) over the weekend in a remote house on the lake. There they want to work on their relationship and spice up their sex life a bit. But Jessie quickly realizes that she has little access to handcuffs and role-playing games and asks her husband to free her from the bed she is tied to. However, before Gerald can do that, he suffers a heart attack and falls off the bed dead. The plots of the nearest neighbors are miles away and are currently uninhabited, so that all cry for help is in vain. Even the handcuffs can not strip her or reach her lying on the bedside phone, so that Jessie soon begins to hallucinate due to dehydration and shock. Will she be able to break free?

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