Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil(2016)

Storyline:The boarding school schedule brings two boys closer to each other, who could hardly be more different: On the one hand, Ned (Fionn O'Shea), being teased about his red hair and obviously being wrong at the rugby crazed facility, does not get his dad off could dissuade him to send there. On the other side is Conor (Nicholas Galitzine), pattern athlete and favorite of rugby coach Pascal O'Keeffe (Moe Dunford). As the new one at the boarding school, the sport ace is assigned to Ned's room. Between the two a large wall is created; they do not understand each other at all. But youngsters soon discover that they have more in common than they first thought - the love of music unites them and they start to play the guitar. A teacher (Andrew Scott) becomes aware of the hobby and discovers potential in it. He encourages Ned and Conor to attend a talent competition at the nearby girls' school. But then something happens that puts the friendship to the test ...

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