High Strung
High Strung(2016)

Storyline:Ruby (Keenan Kampa) is a ballet dancer and shares her passion for dancing with her roommate Jazzy (Sonoya Mizuno). Full of devotion and talent, Ruby studies at the most prestigious music school in New York - only with the modern dance is she on a war footing. One day she meets British violinist Johnnie (Nicholas Galitzine), who makes his living on the street with improvised concerts and lives with his street dance friends. Sparks are soon spitting between him and Ruby, but when Johnnie finds out that he does not have a valid visa, there is only one solution: to win a dance competition at Ruby's school, to get a student visa and a scholarship. Together with Johnny's friends, he and Ruby create a unique choreography that combines the coolness of street dance, the graceful movements of ballet and the sounds of classical music ...

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