Storyline:On holidays, hell is always going on. In keeping with this motto, people in the compilation "Holidays" experience terrible things on festive days such as Valentine's Day, Christmas or Halloween. There are eight episodes of various directors in the horror comedy: While the greasy and always playing porn producer Ian (Harley Morenstein) makes a new experience in terms of pain on the evening before All Saints Day, the meeting with the Easter Bunny ends in a sheer nightmare. Things can go awry on Christmas Eve: the experience is made even by a desperate father (Seth Green), who in a common way snaps the last copy of a popular Christmas present. In addition, the pregnancy of a teacher is not as expected and in the desert of California rages a strange cult. An angry bullying victim commits an unimaginable act of desperation and rebellious Carol (Jocelin Donahue) receives a message from her father, believed to be dead. Last but not least, a psycho-killer hits New Year's Eve - and immediately gets the bloody return coach.

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