Storyline:In order to be safe from enemies, Captain Smek (voice in the original: Steve Martin / German version: Uwe Ochsenknecht) tows his people, the Boov, from planet to planet - only to find again and again that not every environment is suitable as a sanctuary is: carnivorous worms, laser cuttlefish, and lava wastelands are not what the boovs imagine for their new home. After a long, exhausting journey through space, the aliens seem to finally find the planet Earth. Without further ado, the Boovs begin to relocate the human population. But when a Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons / Bastian Pastewka) makes the mistake of betraying the new whereabouts to the dreaded enemies, nobody in the new home will be safe. In order to iron out his mishap, Oh goes on an adventurous journey around the world together with teenage girl tip (Rihanna), who escaped the relocation.

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