Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit(2015)

Storyline:Policewoman Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) does her job well but is still inexperienced. Never before has she had the opportunity to show what she's got when she's out in the field. One day, however, she finally sees her long-awaited opportunity come to escort an important witness to the court in Dallas. Said lady, Daniella (Sofía Vergara), is said to testify against the cartel boss Vicente Cortez (Joaquín Cosio) - and has already successfully evicted many more witnesses. But when picking up the witness everything goes awry: The cartel gets involved, Daniella's husband (Vincent Laresca) is shot and then the two women make themselves in an ambulance from the dust, pursued by angry gangsters, no less angry policemen like that Detectives Dixon (Michael Mosley) and Hauser (Matthew Del Negro) as well as a lot of other characters who are after the beautiful widow ...

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