Hotel Transylvania 2
Hotel Transylvania 2(2015)

Storyline:Since Count Dracula (voice in the original: Adam Sandler / German version: Rick Kavanian) has relaxed its rule that only monsters in the led by him Hotel Transylvania are also welcome more and more human guests flock to the eerie hostel. But while business seems to have made it all the way to the better, Drak has privately different concerns. Thus, everything indicates that the bloodsucker side of his semi-vampire grandson Dennis does not manifest. And since Drac's daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez / Palina Rojinski) just visited with her human husband Johnny (Andy Samberg / Andreas Bourani) whose Relatives, it is on the grandfather himself, using his friends Frank (Kevin James / Hans-Eckart Eckhardt), Murray tease out the monster out of his little grandson (Keegan-Michael Key / Daniel Zillmann), Wayne (Steve Buscemi / Tobias Lelle) and Griffin (David Spade / Tobias Kluckert). But as if all that were not enough excitement, even Draks extremely traditionalist father Vlad announces (Mel Brooks / Dieter Hallervorden) on short his visit. And he can not do anything with the liberal attitude of his son to the human world.

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