I Am Wrath
I Am Wrath(2016)

Storyline:The engineer Stanley Hill (John Travolta) has to witness with his own eyes how his wife Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay) is stabbed to death by a junkie (Luis Da Silva Jr.). When the perpetrator wants to let go because of alleged procedural errors that go on the account of corrupt law enforcers (Sam Trammell and Asante Jones), Stanley has enough. He decides to take the law into his own hands and not only to retaliate against the murderer, but also to bring justice to those who shamelessly exploit their position and power. Together with his old friend Dennis (Christopher Meloni) Stanley goes on a bloody and merciless vendetta. As the two get to the bottom of the matter with all the means at their disposal, they soon trace the trail of the murder of Vivian to the highest political circles.

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