I Feel Pretty
I Feel Pretty(2018)

Storyline:Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) works for a cosmetics company and knows how to be an average person in the world of beauty. However, after an accident in the gym, she feels completely transformed and imagines to be beautiful. Although she looks the same to everyone else as before, but with the alleged spell she develops a new self-confidence that helps her to quickly climb up the corporate ladder, gaining the respect of her idol and her boss Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams). Even in love, it suddenly goes well, thanks to her new self-confidence, she meets a charming man (Rory Scovel). But self-confidence quickly turns into arrogance and soon Renee is only annoyed by the quarrels of her less successful friends. Not everyone can be as perfect as they are, thinks the formerly so understanding newcomer. Then the "magic" fades again ...

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