I Still See You
I Still See You(2018)

Storyline:"I Still See You" is the story of the young Veronica who lives in a world that has fallen into utter chaos following an apocalyptic event and is largely inhabited by ghosts. Three of them appear to Veronica every day: on the one hand the young Brian, who appears in her bathroom, and on the other hand, her late father, who sits at the breakfast table, drinks coffee, reads a newspaper and disappears again. The third in the league is Mary, who knocks on the door of the history teacher Bittners, who in turn was suspected of murdering Mary. But only the order of the teacher Percatelli, the appearances to films, Veronica and her classmate Kirk Lane in danger. For as part of their work, the two find out who is behind some murder murders and now Veronica is also in the highest danger.

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