In a Valley of Violence
In a Valley of Violence(2016)

Storyline:The mysterious loner Paul (Ethan Hawke) roams the desolate desert on his way to Mexico with his bitch Abbie. At the so-called Valley of Violence, he decides to take a shortcut right through it. A little later, he learns that the region is not wrongly named when he encounters the remote town of Denton, where shortly after his arrival he provokes the fury of Gilly (James Ransone), the son of the local sheriff (John Travolta) becomes. But Paul does not hesitate for long, knocking down Gilly and leaves the place. Stubborn Gilly does not want to let this happen. Together with some of his men, he takes up the persecution of Paul, and finally sets in motion a bloody chain reaction that threatens to overthrow Denton all to ruin.

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