Irrational Man
Irrational Man(2015)

Storyline:Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix), once helper in crisis areas, now a disillusioned professor of philosophy, starts another job. He is still bothered by doubts about whether he is doing the right thing, the thoughts of his almost legendary, passionate affairs and his depressions. But Abe has a reputation as a legend ahead of him when he arrives at Braylin College, and so the first advances made by lonely professor Rita Richards (Parker Posey), who is lonely in her marriage, are not long in coming. With the intelligent student Jill (Emma Stone) Abe quickly has another admirer, she comes closer to him between discussions about Kant, Kierkegaard and situational ethics. Abe, however, suffers from erectile problems - which only resolve when he plans a special crime. It is about a "just" murder, with which the professor wants to help a woman who is unlawfully deprived of custody ...

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