Istanbul Kirmizisi
Istanbul Kirmizisi(2017)

Storyline:Goodbye, beloved homeland: The author Orhan Şahin (Halit Ergenç) left Istanbul many years ago for an overseas life. Now he returns to the metropolis on the Bosphorus, because the work is calling. Orhan is to work on the first book of the prominent director Deniz Soysal (Nejat Isler), who lives with his family in a magnificent house in a prime location, right on the sea. The soysals have problems. From day one, Orhan becomes involved in the complicated relationships that Deniz has with his family - and in those he has with friends. But Orhan also begins to relive Istanbul, to see the city of the rich with fresh eyes. And it does not take long for the author to rediscover feelings that he had forgotten, that he had thought he had overcome forever ...

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