Storyline:Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) had to accept some fatalities. He lost his job as a teacher when his school was closed and since divorce from his ex-wife, he is only allowed to see his teenage son Marcus (Lasse Fogelstrom) every two weeks. But now his life is slowly getting better: he has found a new job in a kindergarten, the pretty help Nadja (Alexandra Rapaport) is attracted to him and his son would now rather live with his father than with his mother. One of Lucas' protégés in kindergarten is the little Klara (Annika Wedderkopp), the daughter of his best friend Theo (Thomas Bo Larsen), who likes him a lot. Finally, the girl claims that Lucas kissed him and showed him his genitals. Lucas is horrified when he hears what he is accused of. But the rumor has already made the rounds in the entire neighborhood. The innocent kindergarten teacher feels safe and thinks that everything will calm down by itself, but the opposite happens: the witch hunt on him takes on dramatic traits ...

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