Jane Got a Gun
Jane Got a Gun(2015)

Storyline:Jane Hammond (Natalie Portman) has now built a peaceful, new life with her husband Bill (Noah Emmerich), after he left behind his gangster existence as a member of a gang of criminals. But when his former cops, led by the ruthless John Bishop (Ewan McGregor), track him down after several years, Bill is shot down by them cold as ice. Despite eight bullets in his body, he manages to return home, where he can warn Jane that his former gang will now be looking for him. Jane realizes that it is now up to her to protect the family, and she seeks help from her ex-fiancé Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton), a gunslinging hero who has been beating Bishop for some time. Jane and Dan discover old feelings for each other as they confront the gang and fight for their own survival.

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