King Cobra
King Cobra(2016)

Storyline:Teen Sean Lockhart (Garrett Clayton) is an Internet star who, as Brent Corrigan in gay porn, fulfills the fantasies of his buzzing, growing fanbase. This is to the consternation of his mother Janette (Alicia Silverstone) and to the delight of porn mogul Stephen (Christian Slater), who can barely contain himself in the first test shots and invites Sean to live at home during the shoot. More films are made with the shooting star, he and his patron are sleeping together and Stephen thinks he has his protégé under control - until the two quarrel over money. Sean says publicly that he was underage in the first porn, a scandal ensues, and eventually the youngster has a chance to switch operations: director Joe (James Franco) wants to bring Sean and his colleague Harlow (Keegan Allen) together in a movie and he is ready to go very far if Stephen stands in the way ...

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