Koe no katachi
Koe no katachi(2016)

Storyline:Actually, Shoya Ishida (voice in the original: Miyu Irino) is a student like any other in a normal school. But then, one day, the deaf Shoko Nishimiya (Saori Hayami) returns to his class, which brings some challenges for the school, students and teachers. The bored Shoya begins to annoy and nurture the restrained Shoko, and soon some of his classmates join in the mobbing of their new classmate. In the end, Shoko can not stand it anymore and leaves school, whereupon Shoya is called to the headmaster's office and is now the main responsible person for Shoko's school leaving throughout the school. Even years later, Shoya can not forget that sense of shame, and he decides to find Shoko and apologize to her ...

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