Storyline:In 1949, Jacques Cousteau (Lambert Wilson) and his wife Simone (Audrey Tautou) live with their two sons in a heavenly house on the French Mediterranean coast. But the family happiness alone is not enough for the couple - they long for adventures in the distance. Therefore, Jacques and Simone leave their children one day at boarding school and set off on board the Calypso to an ocean expedition. Many years later, one of her sons, Philippe (Pierre Niney), returns to his parents as an adult. The former pioneer Jacques Cousteau has now become a world-famous star and serious rapist who is ready for his glory to sacrifice everything. While scarcely recognizing his father, Philippe realizes that the oceans are being destroyed by humans and that his family can do something to protect them. On a shared adventure, father and son approach each other before fate strikes relentlessly ...

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