La vie d'Adèle
La vie d'Adèle(2013)

Storyline:Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) still goes to school when she finds herself attracted to women. After having her first sexual experience with a man without feeling great fulfillment, the 17-year-old falls in love with senior art student Emma (Léa Seydoux), who impresses her with her extraordinary looks and her bourgeois attitude. The two women engage in an affair that creates a relationship. After graduation, Adèle begins training as a pedagogue and completely falls for her friend. Emma makes Adèle her muse and presents it to her exquisite circle of friends, in which Adèle is received positively but is not completely comfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings. When Emma spends some time with her ex-girlfriend Lise (Mona Walravens), Adèle reacts very jealous and throws herself into the arms of the next best man ...

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