Le sens de la fête
Le sens de la fête(2017)

Storyline:Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri) is one of the most experienced and professional wedding planners in France. But his current assignment, the wedding of Pierre (Benjamin Lavernhe) and Héléna (Judith Chemla), is gradually becoming an absolute catastrophe: The food on the buffet has become bad, the wedding party is stuck on the way to the location in a traffic jam , the photographer behaves unprofessionally, but is still better than the band that canceled completely or Max's team, which fails due to food poisoning. In addition, Max 'lover Josiane (Suzanne Clément) separates from him and his brother-in-law Julien (Vincent Macaigne) is in love with the bride. Due to the sheer accumulation of problems, Max decides to end his career as a wedding planner and sell his company. Or, in the end, everything turns out well and the festival, which is not going to be a good star, becomes a success? New comedy by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, the directors of "Pretty best friends".

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